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Pinfinity - Magic the Gathering: Black Mana Crest Augmented Reality Pin

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If ruthlessness is your playstyle, this Magic: The Gathering Black Mana Crest Augmented Reality Enamel Pin is for you! Scan the black mana crest to discover artwork synced with some fantastic music. Tap the graphic that appears at the top to access the wallpapers and a selfie frame for your phone! Collect this and all the Pinfinity Magic: The Gathering pins, each sold separately.

Pinfinity collectible pins bring your favorite fandoms to life with animation, sound, and interactive experiences. Powered by augmented reality and a free mobile app, Pinfinity pins can play video/animation, play audio tracks, provide access to downloadable content, link out to websites, display selfie frames, and more! Ages 16 and up